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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salvations Update: Over 6000 in 4 Years

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We just finished the Wooly Worm Festival in Kentucky with 230 salvations.  We want to be sure to acknowledge the folks at Sugar Camp Baptist and thank them for their hospitality.

The salvations at these events, festivals, and fairs could not have happened without the faithfulness of the workers from the various churches, their prayers and the LOVE OF GOD for his children.

There is still one more Harvest festival coming up in North Carolina the end of October but here are the updated numbers as promised (God is SO GOOD):

2012 Oakland Co 4H (MI) July 6-15 551
Farmington Hills Festival (MI) July 19-21 115
Isabella Co Fair (MI) July 24-29         583
Frederick Co Fair (VA) July 30-Aug 5 140
Genesee Co Fair  (MI) Aug 13-19 367
Goodrich Festival  (MI)Aug-12 102
Faith City Church Event, Fenton (MI) 50
Ortonville Festival (MI) 100
Victory World Outreach Teen Event (MI) 10
North Carolina Fair
Woolly Worm Festival  (KY) Oct 19-21 230

2012 TOTAL (so far)................2248

                  2011                                                      1804
                  2010                                                      1124
                  2009                                                        517
                  2008                                                        527
           GRAND TOTAL  2008-2012                         6220 salvations

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wooly Worm Salvations

21 souls!! and it'a only noon on the first day of the Wooly Worm Festival in Beattyville, KY.  The fellas just called with the update. The festival will run through Sunday so continue to pray.
 Pastors Tom, Jeff and bro. Dana made the trip down earlier this week.  Pastor Tim Charleton of Sugar Camp Baptist Church (Booneville, KY) and its members are being wonderful hosts to our crew.  They also have been giving regular support to this ministry.  

We have had a phenomenal year having over 2000 salvations.  Some number updates have not yet been made on this site and will be forthcoming.  Continue to pray for this important ministry as we are preparing to go to the Dominican Republic in February, God willing.