We need Prayer Warriors!
Commit to pray for our fairs this summer.
Commit to pray so the lost may know.


In 2008 the pastor of Charity Baptist Church (now of Oxford, Michigan)  approached the pastor of First General Baptist Church of Waterford with an evangelism idea that he had done with other churches in Ohio. 

The idea was simple, set up a tent in a local fair and ask the passers by if they knew where they were going when they would die using a simple viewfinder and box (hence the ministry name).  If the answer was no, then take an opportunity to share the Gospel. 

The question was, would people stop by?  Would they care to listen?  Would they respond to the Gospel?

Not only did people stop by, but they lined up to look inside the box!
Outside the tent

Not only were they lining up to see "the question," but they wanted to come inside the tent to find out the answer too.

Answering the Question

That first year laypeople from both churches shared the gospel with people from every walk of life.

Box #1.jpg Box #2.jpg Pastor Miller & Fair Goers.jpg

And lives were changed! 
God brought 527 to His salvation in less than one week!
Glory Hallelujah!

Could it truly be that simple, asking people if they want to go to heaven, then telling them the Gospel?  The fact of the matter is most people don't know where they will go when they die.  And even in this day and age  people are still desperate to find out how they can go to heaven.

God has used this ministry to now reach thousands with the gospel.  Inside the Box Fair Ministry has now been to over a dozen fairs in multiple states and two countries.

The setup is always the same.  Two boxes are there with a viewmaster in the top. By looking into the first box the passer by sees the question, "If you died today are you 100% sure you will go to heaven?" If they are NOT able to positively answer we invite them to look into the second box which has John 14:6 inside.

As of the end of 2011 in just 4 years, God has used this ministry  and half a dozen or so churches to bring His salvation to 3765 souls!

It is this ministry's vision to continue to expand through the help of the local Bible Believing and preaching church into more fairs throughout the nation and world.

People need to know the Gospel, they need to know that Christ died for them.  We must tell the world there is a way that they may go to heaven.  Will you help us?  Will you tell them?

If you are interested in evangelizing at a fair in your area, we would love to train you.  Please contact us for further information, because the fields are ready for harvest the Lord just needs His servants to reap.

We need Prayer Warriors! Commit to pray for our fairs this summer.
Commit to pray so the lost may know.