We need Prayer Warriors!
Commit to pray for our fairs this summer.
Commit to pray so the lost may know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Record Breaking Day

167 salvations for the first day at Isabella Co. Fair, in Mt. Pleasant, MI.   Go God!!  Go Team!!   This is the largest number of salvations on the first day of a fair (typically lowest attended day).   This tells us something - PEOPLE ARE PRAYING!!!   Nothing powerful happens unless people are praying.
Rev. Bob Hollis leading a family to the Lord at Oakland Co. Fair.
     Rev. Bob Hollis made contact a few months ago with Central Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant (Pastors:  Gordon Rydman and Allen Rydman) and got the ball rolling for Inside the Box to have a tent at the fair.  The church members and pastors have been praying since then and have been excited for the fair to start.
     Unfortunately the tent is in the worst possible location - but God is still working.  We have utilized some business cards (see picture) to invite people down to look 'inside the box.'  Our workers walk the fair and hand out the 'tickets.' They are working to bring folks down to our location.
    Continue to PRAY.  Today (Wednesday) looks like possible rain.  Pray for the harvest and our workers' energy and enthusiasm.  Pray also for those of us who are away from home for the week.  And remember:   God is good ALL the time.
  In His Service,   Pastor Tom