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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

131 Salvations in 3 Days in Dominican Republic

The Lord is opening hearts and doors in the Dominican Republic.

Day 1:  Friday was the arrival in late afternoon. Flights were delayed some due to snowstorms.
Day 2:  Saturday morning - meetings after breakfast. Afternoon was a trip to the marketplace.  52 Salvations as the mission team ministered on the streets of Santo Domingo.
Day 3:  Sunday was church and doing an evening presentation of Inside the box.  Over 60 people came forward desiring to learn how to work the box.
Day 4:  Monday - Ministering at the local school.  50+ were saved.

According to the team - more souls could be saved with more translators.

God is doing wonderful work and opening doors to NEXT year already.  Possibly Cuba.

Continue to pray for the ministry team as they work through the language barriers.

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