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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Heart's Desire...A Report from the Dominican

L-R:  Rev. Tom Miller (Mich), Rev. Martine (head of the
Cuban Alliance of Baptists)  and Rev. Bob Hollis (Mich)
following their meeting in the Dominican Republic 

Back in November, after buying my ticket to travel to the Dominican Republic, I realized I had a desire to lead someone to the Lord in Spanish. Determined to learn,  I borrowed our school’s copy of Rosetta Stone and began to work an hour a day. I developed a vocabulary, but by the time February rolled around I still didn't have the slightest idea how to even say “where’s the bathroom?” let alone speak the Romans Road

I called a dear friend, Rev. Tom Blossom, who now lives about forty miles north of us and was a missionary to the Dominican for 25 years. I told him about our trip and my desire about being able to lead someone to Christ in Spanish. He said he would try to put something together.  On a Sunday evening about an hour before our worship service and one week before the trip there came a knock on our door. It was Bro. Tom and his wife Stacey.  Their purpose - to give me pointers on leading someone to the Lord in Dominican Spanish.

They came in and we visited and they shared stories about the Dominican and their culture and city and its people.  They attended our worship service and Tom delivered the message and Stacey played piano for our music service. They stayed overnight and the next day I met with Tom for a couple hours while he tutored me.  Needless to say his advice was very good.

He told me the Dominican people are very literate so I could have them read the scripture text rather than for me to memorize it in Spanish, as I had been trying to do.  Next he asked me how I would normally lead someone to the Lord. Using my regular method he was able to tell me what to say in Spanish as I took the person from one verse to the next. He even wrote out the prayer I should say for the person and the prayer they could read and say out loud for repentance.

Saturday,  Feb. 9th,  was our first day on the street in the Dominican and within five minutes all the translators were busy.  God gave me the privilege to lead a husband and wife to the saving grace of Jesús Cristo. They were very patient with me as I used my halting Spanish to explain God’s gift of salvation.

Before our time in the country was over God allowed me to repeat the process 14 more times for a grand total of 16 I was able to lead to the Lord in Spanish. Although I also led others to the Lord in English, and still others through preaching using translators, those smiling faces of that husband and wife will stay with me until I am reunited with them in our eternal glory.

Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37:4  

Dios bendiga (God bless you)
Pastor Tom Miller

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Laura Anne said...

Praise God for his faithfulness and your diligence. I know how hard you worked and studied.