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Thursday, February 21, 2013

God Will Even Use Baseball to Save the Lost

Rev. Tom Miller speaking to a Christian School Class
in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Our group was asked to speak at  several Christian schools during our visit.  Santo Domingo is a city of 4 million.  Most families choose to send their children to private schools because they are superior to the public schools.  Christian schools (with American and Dominican staff) are very popular.  However, even at the Christian schools there are children not 100% sure if they are going to heaven.

Each person on our mission team was asked to speak in a classroom.  Each group saw salvations.  On this morning in particular we praise God that we saw 94 children accept Jesus as their Savior.  

Here is a little of my own experience:

Who is Tigres (Tiger) fan?

I was asked to speak in front of 2 different classes.  This was where being a baseball fan came in handy for me.  Santo Domingo has two professional winter baseball teams,  the Tigres (Tigers) and Leones del Escogido (Chosen Lions).  The first thing I asked was "Who likes football?" (soccer). Three kids raised their hands. Then I asked "who likes baseball?" The whole class raised their hand, some even jumped up.  I then asked a boy what his favorite baseball team was. He said 'the Eagles,' which is a team outside of Santo Domingo.  I asked the class "who likes the Tigres?" All raised their hand, except one boy who was a die hard  Leones fan.  

I  delivered my message about how we are all sinners and  said, "that includes soccer fans, Lion fans, Eagle fans and, yes, even Tiger fans." I gave a simple plan of salvation and told them that Jesus died for " these soccer fans (as I stood near them), the Eagle fan (as I stood next to the seat of the Eagle fan) the Lion fan (as I stood next to the Lion fan), and, yes,  He died for Tiger fans too."   After the message and final prayer there were seventeen children who accepted Jesus as their Savior.    

Rev. Miller in School Classroom in Santo Domingo
God will use our passions, hobbies, and interests to make connections and lead the lost to Him.  Inside the Box always needs workers.   Don't let Satan say you can't lead someone to the Lord.  It is not about what we think we can't do.  It IS about who we are, and how God will use us if we love Him and let Him lead.  If you would like to be part of this exciting ministry please contact us.

Dios bendiga, (God Bless You)
Pastor Tom Miller   revtompastor (@) msn (dot) com

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