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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Over 460 Salvations in the Dominican Republic

All the Mission Team Members & Bus Driver
having Lunch in the Dominican
We've returned from the Dominican and there are so many stories to tell. I'd like each member of our mission team to share some memories here. There were over 460 salvations during the 10 days we were there. We all have pictures to share  and even a video so those will be forthcoming.

Today I'll start with one of my more memorable one-on-one moments when we were on the street evangelizing.

A middle-aged man in Santo Domingo told me he knew he needed to be saved, but was not ready for it.  I looked the man in the eye, put my hand on his chest over his heart and told him, "The Lord has sent me all the way from Detroit, Michigan, USA,  to tell you about Jesus and what you need to do to be saved."

As I spoke these words and the translator translated,  I could actually feel his heart begin to speed up, and I said to him, "Do you not think Jesus wants you to be saved today?"  He lowered his head and simply said, "Si," and accepted Jesus as his savior.

Rev. Tom Miller Preaching at the school
at Iglesia Bautista Cristian
Praise God for his working through our hands and hearts!

Just also want to thank all the team members.  Sorry, I don't have some of the last names, but our mission team consisted of 5 pastors, Bob Hollis (Holly, Mi) and Tom Miller (Waterford, Mi) Tom Berg (Maryland), Richard Stimson (S. Carolina), and Richard Blue (Fenton, Mi); 3 lay people: Dana Babka (Waterford, MI)  Skip (Waterford, Mi), and Mark (Mt. Pleasant, Mi); and 3 Midwestern Baptist students:  James, Susannah and Ruthie.  The devotion and diligence and sacrifice of this team allowed us to see miracles happen in the souls of the Dominicans.

More stories to come, I'm going to spend some time now with 'mi esposa.'

Dios bendiga!  (God bless you)
Pastor Tom Miller

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